Decisions to Consider


Have things you’ve left unsaid? It’s easy to do as you meet each day’s demands, schedules − and sometimes chaos. Yet, it’s important that you pause and take the time to share what you want to say with your loved ones. Let your history, your dreams and your wisdom be heard. Prepare for and share the human side of dying with those you love.

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In times of medical crises, you can decide to be heard. Choose the medical care you want at the end of life. Indecision can lead to choices being made for you. Make your own decisions about the care you want when you’re dying. Don’t wait for a crisis to occur − decide to make your own choices today.

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How long have you put off making plans? It’s essential to have your end-of-life plans documented legally. It’s the only way to ensure your wishes are honored, your family is cared for and you’re represented in the way you’ve chosen when you die. Decide to be heard.

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